Xperia Z3 Compact Flat Themes – The Android Lollipop Experience

Can't wait for the Android Lollipop update? You can install these themes to enjoy the Lollipop experience! Download links: Theme Wallpapers Themes brought to you by MixaDJ. You can find his XDA thread over here.


Z3 Compact: Updated Album App (2015-03-02)

Sony recently pushed an update to the Album App this morning. The the most noticeable changes were the following: Slight design improvements to align with the Lollipop interface (new fonts and flatter icons) Ability to move photos into separate folders (users can use this feature to manage and move their photos into separate folders) To... Continue Reading →

Xperia Updates: Walkman and Weather app

Sony has released their updates today (20:45 GMT+8) on their Walkman and Weather apps. It includes minor fixes and the ability to control such apps in your Sony smart-watch. Personally, I think this update is optional for non Sony smart-watch users. However, if you prefer to keep you're apps updated, just head to the update... Continue Reading →

Make those birthday entries appear in your Sony Xperia Z3 Calendar widget (or any other Sony Stock Calendar widget)!

Recently, I was able to get an Xperia Z3 Compact phone. It's a small phone with a stellar performance. However, after days of tinkering, I was not able to find a way to make those birthday entries appear in the calendar widget even though they appear in the stock calendar app itself. I did not... Continue Reading →

Quick Settings Long Press: Quickly Access additional Settings

While I was tinkering with my Xperia Z3 Compact, I stumbled upon the quick settings page in the notification toolbar. It's handy but I was quite disappointed when I realized that it lacks some of my most needed toggles such as the GSM and WCDMA switches. However after a few days, I discovered that if... Continue Reading →

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