New Stat Page: WordPress App Stat Page Redesign

Before, the stat page was very blunt and clunky and you have to do numerous clicks just to show additional details. However. After the update, the stat page now features additional information such as popular tags and other interesting information viewable at a glance. Here are some screenshots:


From Tumbling Tumblr to WordPress

Its been a while since Yahoo! decided to buy Tumblr. I do not really know why some people gave a fuss about that acquisition; well not until I found out what other people (bloggers) think about the said acquisition.

A little bit snowy eh?

    I recently logged in WordPress and guess what? I have found little snowflakes dropping in my browser. It’s nearing Christmas now so its inevitable that websites are revamping their design to fit into the season. Also, while finding where the links to my blogroll is located in my dashboard, I accidentally discovered that... Continue Reading →

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