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Windows: What is a taskbar?

A taskbar is the piece of slab that runs across your screen (usually located in the bottom part of your screen) which holds the running applications and shortcuts. The taskbar is a Windows specific software. Though Linux also has a similar function like this, the term Taskbar is commonly associated with Windows machines.

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Lazada app forced into portrait mode.

AMIDuOS: Fixing auto rotation for portrait apps

So you did try doing Android emulation in your Windows machine. Among the different solutions out there, you choose AMIDuOS. You booted it up, installed your apps and tried to experience Android in your laptop / desktop. What a bliss!

But after sometime, you noticed that some apps won’t fit the full resolution provided by your machine’s screen.

Lazada app forced into portrait mode.
Lazada app forced into portrait mode

At first, its okay with you. But after a while, it get into you and you ask questions like “why the f*** is this app is forced to portrait mode when clearly my screen is on landscape mode?“.

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VMware workstation: Virtual Machine instance long-term storage (A 7-zip compression guide)

VMware + 7zip
VMware + 7zip

Do you want those big virtual machine (VM) instances stored for long-term storage? Well, if you are in the same boat as me (or you just wanted to find out what is the general difference between normal, maximum, and ultra 7-zip compression ratio and speed), I advise you to read on.

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Managing Space In Windows 10


More than 4 years ago, I published a guide to free up space in Windows. I dealt mainly with Windows 7 during those days. Now after 3 iterations of Windows OS (8, 8.1, 10), I think now is the right time to update it.

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Getting your NVIDIA driver version

How to find your previous NVIDIA driver version (specially if I upgraded from a previous Windows installation)?


So I jumped on the Windows 10 wagon. Everything was working, fast, and great but honestly its not yet polished compared to Window 8.1 (especially the One Drive. Damn. That One Drive implementation in Windows 10 is such a big regression!). There maybe some quirks on this new Microsoft baby but I will not be discussing them in this post. So right now, let’s focus on the more important part of this post…

how to know your previous NVIDIA driver version (specially if you upgraded your Windows previous Windows installation to Windows 10).

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A snapshot of the official Mac OS X web page in Apple.com using Windows 8 wallpaper.

I think this is from Windows 8..

While checking this page for a Mac Book Pro, I noticed something familiar. Ah. Yes. Their the Mac Book Pro was using a Windows 8 wallpaper! Heh.


A snapshot of the official Mac OS X web page in  Apple.com using Windows 8 wallpaper.
A snapshot of the official Mac OS X web page in Apple.com using a Windows 8 wallpaper.
Group Policy Editor Window

Windows Active Directory: Conflicting Computer and User Configuration. Which setting is applied?

Group Policy Editor Window
Group Policy Editor Window

If we look under the Group Policy Editor, we could see two (2) major subgroups namely:

  • Computer Configuration
  • User Configuration

These configuration blocks / chunks contains options that could affect on how your computer functions. They are pretty much straight forward but if you look deeper, you will notice that there are options that belongs to computer configuration and also belongs to the user configuration. Most of the time, we only change one setting from a configuration block and won’t even bother about the other setting in the other configuration block. But what if you have configured them in both chucks with different settings? Which of one will take effect?

I was also bothered by this issue so I tried to find answers on my own. This took me to a Microsoft website (TechNet) and discovered that:

The Computer Configuration will override the User Configuration.

So that’s it. If you have two conflicting settings, remember that the Computer Configuration will take effect. For a more detailed example, you can visit The Elder Geek. Its a great website and a must read for everyone. 🙂