Windows: What is a taskbar?

Did you even notice that piece of slab that runs across your screen while using Windows? Yes. That is the taskbar.


I think this is from Windows 8..

While checking this page for a Mac Book Pro, I noticed something familiar. Ah. Yes. Their the Mac Book Pro was using a Windows 8 wallpaper! Heh. Screenshot:

Backup Your Windows 8 License

If you’re like me that constantly experiments with the computer (installs stuffs, removes them and installs other stuffs), there would be a point wherein those programs that you have installed and played on with will give your computer a slower feel. Maybe it is due to some left over garbage that the uninstaller failed to... Continue Reading →

Windows 8: I don’t want my Computer to Auto-Restart after an update is installed!

Picture this, you are surfing the internet (probably researching some stuff) and have multiple tabs open in your favorite browser. During the course of the night, you fell the fatigue creeping in and the last thing that you do is sleep with the computer on. Then after a long deep slumber, you fired up the... Continue Reading →

In the meantime: Windows 8 Free Media Center Pack offer to expire soon!

2012 was a great year for me. Mostly because of the freebies I get - one of which is the free Media Center Pack for Windows 8. However, since we were in the beginning of a new year (2013) already, the expiration date for this offer is approaching fast. In January 31, 2013, Windows 8... Continue Reading →

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