Pentatonix Live! captured by Nokia 808 Pureview

Yes. I really love the Nokia 808 Pureview. It has a massive 41MP camera plus a rich audio recording to boot. Yes. It's an old device but for me, it is a performer (well somewhat). Too bad it doesn't have an Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and a low light mode built-in. Anyway, here is a Pentatonix concert  in Youtube captured by... Continue Reading →


After Android: Going back to Symbian

After months of tinkering Android, I made it back to Symbian. But one would ask why? First of all my HTC Butterfly S is dead. Yep. Dead. I dropped it accidentally on the beach and watched it die agonizingly for 6 hours. It did not die after I dropped it on the water, it died... Continue Reading →

Zoom Zoom Zoom! Nokia 808 Pureview mind boggling zooming capability. With 41 megapixel sensor under the hood, Nokia 808 Pureview can zoom at long distances - perfect for spy work! (if you know what I mean). Watch the video and be amazed on what this monster phone can do (even though it runs on what they call outdated Symbian OS).

Awesome Nokia 808 Pureview live concert recording! I have been searching all over the internet to find videos demonstrating the Nokia 808 Pureview monster capabilities. This time I saw this video demosntrating its Rich Recording and awesome 41 megapixel camera for video clarity. Check it out! And oh, by the way, the music is good!

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