I think this is from Windows 8..

While checking this page for a Mac Book Pro, I noticed something familiar. Ah. Yes. Their the Mac Book Pro was using a Windows 8 wallpaper! Heh. Screenshot:


Windows Active Directory: Conflicting Computer and User Configuration. Which setting is applied?

If we look under the Group Policy Editor, we could see two (2) major subgroups namely: Computer Configuration User Configuration These configuration blocks / chunks contains options that could affect on how your computer functions. They are pretty much straight forward but if you look deeper, you will notice that there are options that belongs... Continue Reading →

There will never be another Nokia smartphone again!

This is sad. Nokia is dead. Period. Microsoft bought it and now we would never see another Nokia phone in the future

“More categories” option is now updated?

Lately, I have been tasked to create an article for a specific topic. Knowing me, I wanted everything to be organized as possible – using styles to automatically generate table of contents and standard design elements. However, since I have been using it too much (Yes, the styles), my eyes are always crying out for... Continue Reading →

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