Kali Linux Day 2: Information Gathering tool: DMitry

Today, we will try, explore and understand Dmitry. An all-in-one information gathering tool from Kali Linux.


Copy vs Hard Link vs Soft (Symbolic) Link

I was trying hard to understand the meaning of links in the Linux world. Based on what I have read, there are two types of links - symbolic (soft) link and hard links. Soft links are pointers to a file while hard links are like linked copies of a file. Wait. Did I just write... Continue Reading →

Elementary OS: Editing the Grub Bootloader

The one single factor why I did not want to move from Linux Mint XFCE to Elementary OS is the fact that I could not edit its default bootloader. I have tried adding the PPA from Daniel Richter for Grub-Customizer but for some reason it did not work (because I could not fetch the file... Continue Reading →

After Android: Going back to Symbian

After months of tinkering Android, I made it back to Symbian. But one would ask why? First of all my HTC Butterfly S is dead. Yep. Dead. I dropped it accidentally on the beach and watched it die agonizingly for 6 hours. It did not die after I dropped it on the water, it died... Continue Reading →

Developing on Linux (Linux Mint XFCE): Compiling on Geany (C++)

I usually use Codeblocks on my Windows partition for developing purposes. However, I noticed that most of the distros out there uses Geany as their preinstalled IDE. Since I haven't heard of Geany yet, I fired up my Software Manager on Linux Mint and installed Geany (4 star rating with 242 reviews) on my machine.

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