Make your Android run faster? Increase its animation speed

I have many friends complaining about the "lag" that they feel when they are using their Android devices. Theoretically, these complaints cannot be addressed specially if they purchased a low spec Android device. However, most of the time this "lag" problem can be easily re-mediated by doing some bias on how the human mind  perceives performance - increasing Android's... Continue Reading →


Moving AMIDuOS storage location to a different drive (a workaround)

Having problems with your AMIDuOS installation consuming a lot of disk space in your C:/ drive? Read on.

Google Play Store: No Internet connectivity issue

Ever encountered using Google play Store with it telling you that you have no Internet connection when in fact your connection is alive and well? Recently, I also encountered such issue (using my mobile data). If you are encountering such problem, you can follow the steps below to regain connectivity. Check your time and date... Continue Reading →

AMIDuOS: Fixing auto rotation for portrait apps

So you did try doing Android emulation in your Windows machine. Among the different solutions out there, you choose AMIDuOS. You booted it up, installed your apps and tried to experience Android in your laptop / desktop. What a bliss! But after sometime, you noticed that some apps won't fit the full resolution provided by your machine's screen. At... Continue Reading →

Lifeline: Whiteout

Whiteout is text-based game with you (the player) tasked of helping someone survive by guiding the character through multiple decisions points throughout the game. The story starts with the player being contacted by a person over a communications protocol and could either end with a bittersweet goodbye or a life ending situation. Either way,  the... Continue Reading →

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