After 9/11, what happened to the survivor’s jobs?

Here are some of the top answers to this seemingly random question. All based from /r/NoStupidQuestions: somedave: I think I asked this at the time and a family friend said they had moved to a temporary office. Most of the employees weren't at work when the first plane struck, so there were a lot of... Continue Reading →


Make your Android run faster? Increase its animation speed

I have many friends complaining about the "lag" that they feel when they are using their Android devices. Theoretically, these complaints cannot be addressed specially if they purchased a low spec Android device. However, most of the time this "lag" problem can be easily re-mediated by doing some bias on how the human mind  perceives performance - increasing Android's... Continue Reading →

Kali Linux Day 2: Information Gathering tool: DMitry

Today, we will try, explore and understand Dmitry. An all-in-one information gathering tool from Kali Linux.

Moving Windows Taskbar

So how do you move the Windows taskbar to a different location?

Windows: What is a taskbar?

Did you even notice that piece of slab that runs across your screen while using Windows? Yes. That is the taskbar.

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