Browser tabs

Granny Tech: What is a browser tab?

A browser tab (or simply a tab) is a web organizer for Internet browsers first featured in NetCaptor (SimulBrowse) by Adam Stiles, In 1997. It allows you to open and organize multiple web pages at once without opening a new browser.

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Kali Linux tool: Information Gathering: dnsenum

Kali Linux Day 3: Information Gathering tool: dnsenum

What is dnsenum?

dnsenum is a tool that helps you automate information gathering on a specific target using Domain Name System (DNS) queries (and some Google search results scraping).

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DMitry tool

Kali Linux Day 2: Information Gathering tool: DMitry

What is DMitry?

DMitry or (Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool) is a tool found in Kali Linux that automates some of the commonly used methods in order to gather information about a specific host or target.

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Lock taskbar

Windows: What is a taskbar?

A taskbar is the piece of slab that runs across your screen (usually located in the bottom part of your screen) which holds the running applications and shortcuts. The taskbar is a Windows specific software. Though Linux also has a similar function like this, the term Taskbar is commonly associated with Windows machines.

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Sample web browsers

What is a web browser?

A web browser is a piece of software or program that runs on your computer which enables you to browse or connect to the Web (commonly referred to as the Internet). Web browsers interpret web pages being sent (or served) by web servers and allows you to interact with it depending on how the web pages were made.

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acccheck tool from Kali Linux

Kali Linux Day 1: Information Gathering: acccheck tool

What is acccheck?

acccheck. An information gathering tool from Kali Linux.

acccheck is a tool written by Faiz which connects to hosts and tries to identify a legitimate combination of username and passwords using a username and password list or dictionary file.

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Xperia Updates: Walkman and Weather app

Walkman Update
Walkman Update
Weather Update
Weather Update

Sony has released their updates today (20:45 GMT+8) on their Walkman and Weather apps. It includes minor fixes and the ability to control such apps in your Sony smart-watch. Personally, I think this update is optional for non Sony smart-watch users. However, if you prefer to keep you’re apps updated, just head to the update center and update your stock apps! Enjoy!