I clipped my hand in between 2 objects and there’s a very small pool of blood under the skin. Should I leave it or poke a hole so it drains?


Leave it alone. Opening the skin will increase the chance of infection.


Leave it alone. Protect the skin from getting punctured by putting a bandage over it; it will heal on its own.



Do Japanese call the wealthy something other than “millionaires” and “billionaires” (1100 yen = 10 dollars)


Japanese counting is a bit different than English counting. We have words for hundred, thousand, million, billion, etc. In that order. To express points in between, we’ll say things like “ten thousand”, “four million”, etc.

Japanese also has words for ten (ju), hundred (hyaku) and thousand (sen), but they also have a unique word for ten-thousand (man). So to express the idea of “100,000” they wouldn’t say “hundred thousand” then would say “ju man” (ten ten-thousands). They don’t have a word for million, they would instead say “hyaku man” (hundred ten-thousands). Ten-million is “sen man” (thousand ten-thousand).

Here’s where it gets interesting- they wouldn’t say “man man” (ten thousand ten thousand) so they have a unique word for hundred-million, “oku”. They also wouldn’t say “man oku” (ten-thousand hundred-million, known to us as “trillion”) so they would instead say “chou”.

All this said, they can technically express the idea of “millionaire” (hyakumanchouja) but they’d probably sooner go to this term “okumanchouja”, where “oku” is chouja refers to the person, “oku” is hundred-million, and while “man” technically means ten-thousand, in this case, it’s more of an emphatic to imply a great number of things.


After 9/11, what happened to the survivor’s jobs?

Here are some of the top answers to this seemingly random question. All based from /r/NoStupidQuestions:


I think I asked this at the time and a family friend said they had moved to a temporary office. Most of the employees weren’t at work when the first plane struck, so there were a lot of survivors.


Those companies have temporary and satellite offices all over the damn place. Often they have the space to house quite a lot of overflow were it necessary.

That’s what happens when you’re insanely wealthy investment and banking firms.

They are called “disaster recovery centers,” incidentally. And they were around well before 9/11. As a market data service technician I visited one or two of those. Also years later I visited one for a major telecom provider, so it’s not just banks. This kind of facility will basically have one of everything they have at the main office. Just in case. And they probably have more than one of these facilities. Just in case. They spend the wide majority of their existence only sparsely occupied, mainly just the technical staff that makes sure everything is chugging along.