Moving Windows Taskbar

So how do you move the Windows taskbar? Simple! Just:

  1. Right click in any empty space of the taskbar (running applications bar).
  2. Make sure that Lock the taskbar is unticked.
  3. Drag the taskbar using the empty space in the running applications bar.

Don’t forget to lock the taskbar (step 2) afterwards to prevent further or accidental changes.

Don’t know what is a taskbar? Read.

Android Studio: Quick documentation on mouse-over (code tool-tip)

Android Studio: Self-learn Android SDK by enabling code tool-tips

Fully learning the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) is a challenging road. With API now at version 25, there are a lot of things that a new Android developer has to learn. In fact I, myself is currently dipping myself in Android (and Java) developing and most of the time, I Google things out to learn what a specific code means. Even with a friend that I can immediately chat and get answers, learning Android (and Java) from the ground up is a long, painful, but very rewarding way.

Now how do we make that painful process more bearable? We enable the code tool-tips.

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AV comparatives report: November 2016 anti-virus performance

Below is a quick view of the results of the AV comparatives anti-virus real world performance report as of November 2016. For those of you who wants the read the digital copy, you can go here.

TLDR: As of November 2016, F-Secure, Avira, Bitdefender, and Trend Micro holds the 99.9% protection rate tier.

Real world protection test: Summary results
Real world protection test: Summary results*
Real world protection test: Summary results chart
Real world protection test: Summary results chart*

*courtesy of

Moving AMIDuOS storage location to a different drive (a workaround)

If you have used AMIDuOS before, you will notice that it installs and stores all files forcefully in drive C. If you are running an SSD + HDD combo with too little SSD space, this is really a pain in the head. As we all know, Android apps by default can consume a lot of storage space. Therefore, if you are using a lot of Android apps in your DuOS emulator, it will in turn take a lot of space in your disk space.

For instance in my DuOS configuration, I am seeing around 13-14 GB of storage usage.

My typical DuOS space usage
My typical DuOS space usage.

Luckily there is a guide provided in the AmiDuOS support page by Andrew Kim that will enable us to move those big .vdi files to another drive (in my case in my drive D:).

Simplifying the steps provided  by Andrew Kim will give us the following:

  1. Get symbolic linker app
  2. Move data files to another location
  3. Run symbolic linker app and perform link
  4. Profit!

I could end my entry here but hey, you’re not here to read a summary of a post. So without further ado, let’s proceed with the details.

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Greyed out "Set as metered connection"

Quick Fix: Set your wireless network to a metered connection when Windows 10 user interface (UI) won’t allow it

Have you ever encountered this?

Windows 10 wireless connection: Could not set as metered connection
Windows 10 wireless connection: Could not set as metered connection

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Lazada app forced into portrait mode.

AMIDuOS: Fixing auto rotation for portrait apps

So you did try doing Android emulation in your Windows machine. Among the different solutions out there, you choose AMIDuOS. You booted it up, installed your apps and tried to experience Android in your laptop / desktop. What a bliss!

But after sometime, you noticed that some apps won’t fit the full resolution provided by your machine’s screen.

Lazada app forced into portrait mode.
Lazada app forced into portrait mode

At first, its okay with you. But after a while, it get into you and you ask questions like “why the f*** is this app is forced to portrait mode when clearly my screen is on landscape mode?“.

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VMware workstation: Virtual Machine instance long-term storage (A 7-zip compression guide)

VMware + 7zip
VMware + 7zip

Do you want those big virtual machine (VM) instances stored for long-term storage? Well, if you are in the same boat as me (or you just wanted to find out what is the general difference between normal, maximum, and ultra 7-zip compression ratio and speed), I advise you to read on.

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