Moving Windows Taskbar

So how do you move the Windows taskbar to a different location?


Android Studio: Self-learn Android SDK by enabling code tool-tips

How do we make learning Android SDK in Android Studio more bearable? We enable Quick Documentation (code tool-tips)!

AV comparatives report: November 2016 anti-virus performance

Below is a quick view of the results of the AV comparatives anti-virus real world performance report as of November 2016. For those of you who wants the read the digital copy, you can go here. TLDR: As of November 2016, F-Secure, Avira, Bitdefender, and Trend Micro holds the 99.9% protection rate tier. *courtesy of

Moving AMIDuOS storage location to a different drive (a workaround)

Having problems with your AMIDuOS installation consuming a lot of disk space in your C:/ drive? Read on.

Quick Fix: Set your wireless network to a metered connection when Windows 10 user interface (UI) won’t allow it

Have you ever encountered this?

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