Moving to a new place? No, I’m back to where I started.

Hi there dear visitor! I am now going to write on Your Typical Guide from now on.

This blog will still get updates but will be far less often. I will still try to continue the Kali Tools writing series but future posts (including those for the Granny Tech series) will be on the Your Typical Guide website.

See you on the Your Typical Guide website! Cheers!

This coming February, my shared hosting subscription will expire. Due to the high cost of availing a hosting plan (even though it’s just a shared one), I decided to let go of my domain (hosting plan included).

I noticed that this blog is still getting a lot of traffic. Thus I decided to migrate most of my posts from my shared hosting to this blog and continue to maintain and post tech guides and articles for everyone to read.

As for my future plans, I might get one of the tiered plans in the near future for this blog. However, I am still not sure if I could afford it.

As of now, I am busy maintaining a newly hatched blog that will focus on cycling, running, and swimming. It might feature triathlon related tech in the future so stay tuned for that. If you like to visit the blog, you can access it here.

Cheers everyone!


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