Make your Android run faster? Increase its animation speed

I have many friends complaining about the “lag” that they feel when they are using their Android devices. Theoretically, these complaints cannot be addressed specially if they purchased a low spec Android device. However, most of the time this “lag” problem can be easily re-mediated by doing some bias on how the human mind  perceives performance – increasing Android’s animation speed.

I find the default Android animation from devices sporting Android Marshmallow and below to be pretty slow. Therefore, I will share to you this tip so that if you ever find the default Android animations slow, you can increase its speed at your own will.

What should I do?

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Enable Developer Options.
  2. Change Window Animation options to any value lower than 1x.

How to enable Developer Options?

In your device, head to:

Settings > About

and tap for at least 5 times the Build Number.

It will prompt you how many taps you still need to enable developer options or if you already activated it.

Enable Developer Options
Enable Developer Options



How do I change the Window Animation speed?

After activating the developer options, you should see a new menu item in the settings app of your phone. Head to:

Settings > Developer options

and change:

  • Windows Animation Scale
  • Transition Animation Scale
  • Animator Duration Scale

to any value except 1x. In my case, I always change it to .5x whenever I use Android Marshmallow or lower (currently I am on Android 7.1 Nougat).

Window Animation via Developer option
Window Animation via Developer options

Now, always keep in mind that this is a brain hack and deep down the Android internals, it does not really make it run any faster. Also, for those who are going to ask if this will have an impact in battery life, I think no. Cheers!


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