Android Studio: Self-learn Android SDK by enabling code tool-tips

Fully learning the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) is a challenging road. With API now at version 25, there are a lot of things that a new Android developer has to learn. In fact I, myself is currently dipping myself in Android (and Java) developing and most of the time, I Google things out to learn what a specific code means. Even with a friend that I can immediately chat and get answers, learning Android (and Java) from the ground up is a long, painful, but very rewarding way.

Now how do we make that painful process more bearable? We enable the code tool-tips.

What is a code tool-tip?

In Android Studio, this is called Quick Documentation. 

Quick Documentation is a nifty feature of Android Studio which can enable a developer see the Android SDK documentation quickly and easily via a mouse-over on a part of a code.

Android Studio: Quick documentation on mouse-over (code tool-tip)
Android Studio: Quick documentation on mouse move (code tool-tip)

I prefer to call it code tool-tip as it display the code documentation as a tool-tip. *wink*

With code tool-tip, you can easily get the meaning of a particular code without firing up the browser. It also works off-line as it fetches the local documentation copy of the SDK code manual in your machine. Pretty neat right?

So how do I enable it?

To enable this feature, head to:

File > Settings > Editor > General > and tick Show quick documentation on mouse move.

Quick documentation on mouse move
Quick documentation on mouse move

If you find the tool-tip to showing very fast, you can change the Delay (ms) to a higher value.

By enabling this function, you can now read and learn more about a specific code in Android SDK without drowning yourself in a mouthful of topics all over the Internet.

Hope to see your next app in the future! Cheers!


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