Definition of terms

Check this out if you wanna know more about the terms that I use in this blog.

Last update: 2017-02-23

After re-reading my recent blog post, I noticed some of the terms needs to be defined so that you guys can easily understand what I am trying to talk about. Therefore, I decided to make this page and will collect each and every technical term or jargon that I use in all future posts.


  • acccheck – an information gathering tool found in Kali Linux. It checks SMB shares for common credentials.


  • Debian – Is a free operating system that is created by a group of individuals.
  • Domain Controller – is the center-point of Windows Active Directory technology. Using it enables business to authenticate and store account information for users and control and enforce security settings across the network (Windows domain). This also enables businesses to manage its resources easily and remotely and use single sign on on devices and corporate email accounts easily.


  • Kali Linux – Kali Linux (also called Backtrack before) is a custom Linux distribution from Offensive Security.


  • Operating system – a software used to make it easier to control a specific machine (i.e. Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Ubuntu).


  • Port scan – a techniques used to enumerate open ports (connection listening parts) of a given machine.


  • Reverse whois – opposite for whois and is queried using IP address.


  • Social Engineering – it is the manipulation of people into divulging confidential information (information security).
  • Subdomain – a domain part of the main domain (i.e. Domain:, Subdomain: accounts, Resulting address (subdomain + domain):


  • Terminal  – a program which one can use to issue commands on a machine. Sometimes this is called command prompt specially in Windows machines.
  • TCP port scan – a port scan technique that utilizes Transmission Control Protocol or TCP


  • Web Application – is a software which is built using web technologies. They run over web browsers and is lightweight and does not need software installation in you machine (i.e. Google Mail, Facebook, Twitter).
  • whois – is a protocol used for querying registered users of an Internet resource. This is queried using domain names (i.e.
  • Windows Server 2003 – an operating system built by Microsoft for business users.
  • Wireless LAN – Wireless LAN or Wireless Local Area Network is a means of connecting devices locally without the use of cables (i.e. WiFi).





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