Google Play Store: No Internet connectivity issue

Google Play Store: No Internet connection

Ever encountered using Google play Store with it telling you that you have no Internet connection when in fact your connection is alive and well? Recently, I also encountered such issue (using my mobile data). If you are encountering such problem, you can follow the steps below to regain connectivity.

    1. Check your time and date settings. Make sure that your phone’s date and time settings are correct. As what I have read, 80% of users who encountered this issue in Play Store fixed the problem by fixing their time and date. Remember to set it to Automatic (if on manual) or Manual with correct settings (if on automatic).

      Time and date settings
    2. Reset your hosts file.  Your hosts file serves as a firewall / router which can control Internet traffic and redirect you to different websites. If some app messed up the file, then your connectivity could be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to reset this file and see if whether or not Play Store is not working due to invalid or corrupted host file. I recommend using Adaway to reset this file. Note that you need superuser privileges (root) to edit or change the hosts file. Also, you need to reboot your phone  after any changes to the hosts file.
      Xplore: /etc/hosts
      X-plore: /etc/hosts

    3. Clear Google Play Store cache. Clearing Google Play Store cache will help it use the new settings that we have provided (see step 1 and 2).You can also use this as you first step but most of the time, the cache is not the problem.

      App settings: Clear cache
      App settings: Clear cache

After doing such steps, your problem with Google Play Store might be solved. If you have different solutions to this problem, kindly share below in the comment section. Cheers!


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