AMIDuOS: Fixing auto rotation for portrait apps

So you did try doing Android emulation in your Windows machine. Among the different solutions out there, you choose AMIDuOS. You booted it up, installed your apps and tried to experience Android in your laptop / desktop. What a bliss!

But after sometime, you noticed that some apps won’t fit the full resolution provided by your machine’s screen.

Lazada app forced into portrait mode.
Lazada app forced into portrait mode

At first, its okay with you. But after a while, it get into you and you ask questions like “why the f*** is this app is forced to portrait mode when clearly my screen is on landscape mode?“.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. I myself is constantly bothered by this when using the Instagram app inside DuOS. If you will also search the Internet, you will find that there are lot of these discussions out there in the AMIDuOS forums. You can try digging up the solution but your not here to do that right? You are here to find the answer fast and easy!

So let me present to you the answer to our problems, meet “Set Orientation App“.

Set orientation app found in Google Playstore
Set orientation app found in Google Playstore

This app forces DuOS to enable auto rotation in all apps.

By using this app, you can fix those pesky forced portrait mode apps in your DuOS. Just set it to automatic and enjoy!

Set orientation
AMIDuOS fixed Lazada app orientation


Other details:

App store: Google Play

App name: Set Orientation

Developer: Eyes-Free Project

App store page:

App version when used / reviewed: 1.1.4

AMIDuOS flavor: Lollipop



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