Lifeline: Whiteout

Google playstore entry: Lifeline: Whiteout
Google playstore entry: Lifeline: Whiteout

Whiteout is text-based game with you (the player) tasked of helping someone survive by guiding the character through multiple decisions points throughout the game.

The story starts with the player being contacted by a person over a communications protocol and could either end with a bittersweet goodbye or a life ending situation. Either way,  the game is designed to make players grow fond of the character and feel some sort of a bond while playing the game. The game is also heavy on notifications so if you don’t want to get those pesky notification alerts every  now and then, you can just configure Android to hide those or configure the game to use grouped notifications (found in game settings). 

Lifeline: Whiteout
Lifeline: Whiteout

Whiteout is one of the installments in the Lifeline series created by 3 Minute Games LLC. Through I haven’t played the other lifeline installments, I am confident that they will also bring the same beautiful, cohesive, and enjoyable story as what I loved and enjoyed in Lifeline: Whiteout. 

Lifeline series
Lifeline series

Just a reminder, this is a text based game and as a player you should be ready to do lots and lots of reading and use your imagination as a graphics processor. Cheers!

My personal rating: 4/5

Comment: The story could be a little longer.

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