Youtube Music: Make Youtube your music player

Hi there! It been a while.

Today I am going to teach you how to stream and download to your favorite YouTube videos on your mobile phones easily using an app that I found in XDA – YouTube music.


Before we begin,  please put in mind that this is an Android centric tutorial / app as I currently have no iOS devices in my hand.

We are going to take a look on an app commonly downloaded in XDA – Youtube Music.

For those who might not know what XDA is, it is the internet’s one stop shop for Android power users. There you can get and download a lot of things such as custom ROM, kernels, and others.

Now, YouTube Music is an Android app targeted to downloading or converting YouTube videos into bite sized music formats (mp3s, etc). It can even do direct YouTube stream while running on the background. Perfect for those people who uses YouTube as their music players. Pretty neat right?

The UI

Upon opening YouTube music, it will directly give you to a search bar wherein you can search music videos from YouTube. The app has 3 panes  which can be easily accessed by swiping from the home view.

The app boasts material design but unfortunately, there is no dark mode.

The features

The search

The application boasts a YouTube connected search engine within itself. It enables you to search YouTube videos without leaving the application.

Searching YouTube video in the app is sometimes a hit and miss situation as search results can be inaccurate. As a result, you have to rework your keywords whenever you can. Also, keep in mind that searching using this app will disable any bias that Google factors in your search results. So don’t worry if you cannot find a certain video,  you just have to try again and rework those keywords.

YouTube music main screen
YouTube music main screen


The download

After fiddling with the search function of the app and selecting the preferred music to be downloaded, the application will now help you choose on what format the music video is to be downloaded. YouTube Music offers you different file formats which ranges from audio only formats to audio and video formats.

Download selection menu
Download selection menu

Once you picked your preferred file format, it will automatically download the file (whether it be audio or video) in which you can leave it working in the background.

One quirk I noticed though is that the application shoots itself once you are in a patchy network connection. Meaning you need to have a really stable internet connection in order to complete you download perfectly. Else, you will be left only with an incomplete file download in which you may have thought to be a complete file due to missing notification of incomplete an download.

The settings

YouTube music also allows you to customize parts of the application behavior such as:

  • Autoplay capability (whenever streaming music from youtube) and;
  • Download location management
Settings menu
Settings menu

The application does not support a wide range of customizations but don’t worry. The application does not even need it. It functions perfectly as what have been advertised – listen or stream YouTube music in the background. If i were you, what more can I ask for?

The auto update feature

Yes. This app has an auto update feature and whenever you use the app it will notify you to update it. Though this app is not listed in Google play store, this small and very helpful feature keeps the usual users updated with the latest versions of the app!

The verdict

YouTube music is a great app. Heck for me it is a must have app. However, it is still in its infancy and I am expecting more improvements coming in the future.

What I like:

  • The auto update feature
  • Ability to choose file formats (whether it be audio or video file formats)

What I do not like:

  • Patchy search results
  • Graceless handling of incomplete files due to intermittent connection

Well, that’s it folks, my review of the handy YouTube music app.

Application: YouTube music

Developer: khangneovip

Root needed: No

Xposed framework needed: No

Price: Free

Download location:

XDA Labs


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