Set Calendar Colors: Set Your Exchange Calendar Entry Color

Set Calendar Colors App Logo
Set Calendar Colors App Logo

Bothered by the current color of your Exchange calendar entries on your Android calendar? Worry no more, a solution is already here!

Before everything else, I just want you to know this app was tested on the following device and OS:

  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
  • Lollipop 5.0.2

So what is Set Calendar Colors App?

Set Calendar Colors is an Android application that helps you manage the color of your Active Exchange calendar entries on your Android calendar. It’s an easy to use and a very straightforward app everyday Android users like us.

User Interface

To be honest whenever I use this app, I always remember the earlier days of Android design language (Ice Cream Sandwich). This is due to the old interface design being in use of the app. However, do not be deceived by its appearance as it performs effectively on changing the colors of your Exchange Calendar Entries.

Main Screen

The main screen lists all the accounts automatically detected in your device. The app detects all the accounts present on your device. In my case, it was able to detect my four (4) Google accounts and one (1) Exchange Account currently synchronized in my Android device.

Set Calendar Colors: Main Screen
Set Calendar Colors: Main Screen

In the main screen (see above image), you can change the colors of each of your synced calendar accounts on your device. It works on Active Exchange Accounts perfectly, no doubt on that! However, whenever I try changing the calendar colors for my Google accounts, it just won’t sync with my local calendar and even with the Google servers itself.

If you really want to change the calendar entry colors of your Google accounts, you can try to use the Google Calendar Android application. For multiple calendar entry types under one account (see below), you can login to your Google account via a web browser > Access your Calendar and customize your calendar entry colors belonging to your account.

Set Calendar Colors: Accounts
Set Calendar Colors: Multiple calendar entry type in one account

Color Picker

One great benefit of using this app in changing the colors of your Exchange calendar entries is that you have a wide range of color choices to choose from. This app does not limit you to a predefined colors, it actually gives you a complete color map where you can pick whatever color you like. Very nice indeed!

Set Calendar Colors: Color Picker
Set Calendar Colors: Color Picker


Nothing much happening in here besides the option to configure Enable Sync and Confirm on each Sync options. Since I can’t actually sync defined colors to Google’s servers, these options are currently have no use for me. However, I can’t really say that this is applicable to other users as well since it could be just a bug due to my OS version.

Set Calendar Colors: Preferences
Set Calendar Colors: Preferences


Overall by using this app I was able to achieve what I wanted – to change the color of the Exchange calendar entries. Currently, I am not sure if this app is still actively maintained by its developer since I was not able to find this app on Google Play Store (may be due to my OS version). Overall, I am satisfied with this app. I wanted to change my Exchange calendar entries color and it did it very well. Great job!


  • Very straightforward app


  • Old UI design language
  • Google sync is not working

App Details:

Name: Set Calendar Colors

Availability: Not found in Google Play Store (Z3 Compact running on Lollipop)


4 thoughts on “Set Calendar Colors: Set Your Exchange Calendar Entry Color

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      1. Oh yeah, thanks. I found it.
        But it keeps fc’ing on me (tried a few different apks), so no luck there. Running 5.1.1.

        Thanks for the article anyways.


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