E-commerce Review: Lazada Philippines

Lazada Philippines Website
Lazada Philippines Website

I am not an avid fan of online resellers so I don’t usually make transactions with e-commerce sites. However, due to the massive convenience that an online store gives, its very hard for me to ignore them for a very long time. So after caving in to my own self, I decided to try and transact with an online store – Lazada Philippines.

In this post, I will share with you my experiences while transacting with Lazada Philippines.

Step 1: Finding the item

Basically, I just wanted to start with a small purchase so I selected this item.

Sandisk Cruzer Orbit 32GB | Lazada Philippines
My first order in Lazada Philippines.

To be honest, I was really attracted by the savings that I could get in buying this (but I am not really sure if this is indeed real savings or just a marketing gimmick in order to trick me into buying the item). But of course, I also have a  functional need for a high capacity thumb drive so I just I thought this item will be worth it.

My experience:

  • Items could be searched really fast
  • Item summary description (including its detailed product description and warranty) was presented
  • Total savings / discounts was very easy to spot
  • User reviews part was also presented and oftentimes very helpful

What I did not like:

  • This may be a very isolated case but the product summary states that the item is capable of high-speed data transfers. However, actual checking suggests that the item can only copy files at a speed of 5MBps. Compared with today’s standards, the speed that I am getting is very slow is not fit for the “high-speed data transfers” description.

Step 2: Buying the item

Lazada Checkout
Lazada Checkout.

You have two choices here, to buy the item right immediately or shop for more items. In my case, I clicked the Add to Cart button (I have no idea what the express checkout does). This took me to the confirmation page (see below).

Item Confirmation Page
Item Confirmation Page

I’m a newbie. Do I have to sign up? Depends.

After the confirmation, I was taken to a new page that will asks me to either sign in with my existing account or use an email address instead (yep, no need to sign up).

Delivery and Payment Details
Delivery and Payment Details

In my case, I have an existing account to use since I created an account first before I made the purchase. However, if you don’t want to make an account with Lazada, you can select the 1st option and provide your email address only. Neat!

After filling in the Delivery Address, I was then greeted by the Payment Information page in which I can select from numerous payment methods available for Lazada:

Payment Information page
Payment Information page
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • BDO Installments
  • PayPal
  • MegaLink

Wow! Cash on Delivery! Very convenient indeed! I don’t want to use a credit card or any installments to I went for cash on delivery. To be honest, I was very surprised with the cash on delivery option since this is a very rare option for an e-commerce site.

My experience:

  • The purchase process was fast and very easy
  • No need to register for an account
  • No need to input your credit cards
  • Cash on delivery payment method was a plus point

Step 3: Delivery of the item

It took them less than a week (3 days to be exact) to deliver my order (even with changes on my delivery address). The delivery of the package was handled by a third party courier which will contact you using your contact details upon arrival of the goods on your doorstep. Don’t be afraid if you can’t personally get the package during delivery since they will redeliver it again on the next day. *According to a Lazada representative from a contact center, I have 3 chances to accept the delivery of the item before they ship the item back to the Lazada office.

My experience:

  • Fast delivery of goods (this of course depends on you location)
  • The contact center agent was very accommodating on the changes on my delivery address
  • Notice given upon availability of the item in Lazada office , delivery, and arrival of the package is a big thumbs up

Step 3a: Returns

After testing the device that I ordered (Sandisk Cruzer USB), I was not satisfied with its performance and I thought it was eligible for a return. So after a day of tesintg, I sent the package off to Lazada through LBC. After, discussions with the contact center agent regarding my case, it was escalated to another department. Though my case was never really resolved, I was really disappointed how they handled it. They did not even give me a notice that my case could not be granted and they are going to ship the item back to me. Instead, they just sent the item back without even notifying me of its return.

My experience:

  • Sending the package back through LBC is free of charge
  • You will have to wait at least a week before a call is place to your contact number

What I did not like:

  • Not so good post purchase support (no updates or notification on the on-going customer return case)
Lazada Logo
Lazada Logo

Overall, personally, Lazada is a good e-commerce company capable of handling orders without forcing users to sign up for an account. They support cash-on-delivery payment method which is a big plus point for users without a credit card. I would definitely place another purchase in the e-commerce site soon. However, they should at least improve their customer relations by  sending case notifications which could help in making their customers feel welcomed and important in every order or return that they make.


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