Xperia Z3 Compact: Disabling Movie Creator Will Kill Your Time Shift Video Camera Mode!

Time Shift Video Camera Mode
Time Shift Video Camera Mode

Yes. I own an Xperia Z3 Compact. Since I have a bad habit to optimize my phone so that bloatware will be super minimal, I decided to disable some of Sony’s apps. One of which is the Movie Creator – an app that automagically (if that is even a word) creates slideshows from the Albums app. For me, this is just one of those fancy apps that will always bother me and I won’t be using so much. That being said, I decided to disable it on my phone. To my surprise however, disabling the Movie Creator killed my Time Shift mode. Turns out the Time Shift Video mode in the stock Sony Camera App is so well tied with the Movie Creator App itself that disabling it will kill your capability to slow things down in a high speed video. You read that right. You can’t edit the video if the Movie Creator is disabled! This kinda sucks since I have to live with a bloatware running on my phone. Anyway, if you own an Xperia phone, please do not disable the Movie Creator app! Cheers!


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  1. I have disabled Movie Creator 16 times. However it just appears again. I also hate the thing, as i use my Xperia as a camera to take photos of products and make a large number of completely unrelated images such as a scan of a document, some shots of problematic areas of my home which need working on or renovation, and products which i put in my onlne store. Apart from this using photoshop xpress which makes a new file and saves it on every edited photo leaving the original file also intact, means double, triple and even quintuple copies of the same image. So i definetely hate these auto created (and sgtroage space eating) movie file slideshows, because who wants to see a slideshow of a scan of my divorce case files, a picture of my dogs bottom, some broken toilet plumbing, a pack of incense from thailand and two dog bisicuits?
    Problem with mobile software today is they assume everybody is trying to make a narcissistic “this is me and my social life’ documentation.. im not i got this Xperia to use as a camera and work tool for editing images thats all. I hate compulsory bloatware. Currently trying to break this app forever so it cant work.. HATE IT, i am neither a selfi maker, nor do i wish to wake up and find a new 50 mb file on my device which i never made. Sony have good hardware, but they dont have a clue as to what people wish to use their device for.. they just want us to make selfies and post it to instagram.. arggghhhh


    1. I’m not quite sure what to say in your comment but yeah, you can disable it in the app management in the settings menu. However if you want to remove it permanently, you can opt to root your device and uninstall the app itself. Be careful though, I haven’t tested uninstalling the movie creator app. It might have unforseen consequences to your phone or your phone’s camera functionality.


    2. Howdy,
      thing is: you are absolutely right with your comment about social behaviour of a lot of people out there. My compliments for that!

      thing is: I would not want to see any slideshows of ‘useless’ screens or documentations. Even wonder, how I could get this app get set normally for not doing what it normally does

      thing is: just uninstalled all updates of the app so that it just stands for the smallest size and disabled it as well. Then I tested the timeshift option with the camera…..and it still works.

      so thing is: hope this will give you a little hint


  2. how do you edit on the movie creator, i managed to delete a photo or two from it but would have liked to add phtos to the movie in the deleted ones place… is that even possible? im new with my phone, cannot seem to find answers on google…


    1. When you click a pre built movie in the movie creator, you can click the arrow down button to view the source images / videos. Click an image or video then click the gallery icon (the icon on top of the trash bin). This will take you to the import screen and will let you choose images or videos from your gallery. Hope this helps. 🙂


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