Make those birthday entries appear in your Sony Xperia Z3 Calendar widget (or any other Sony Stock Calendar widget)!

Stock Calendar Widget for Xperia Z3 Compact
Stock Calendar Widget for Xperia Z3 Compact

Recently, I was able to get an Xperia Z3 Compact phone. It’s a small phone with a stellar performance. However, after days of tinkering, I was not able to find a way to make those birthday entries appear in the calendar widget even though they appear in the stock calendar app itself.

I did not lose any hopes of finding the solution. I tried using a different widget and other calendar apps but I still came back to the stock Xperia calendar app (its nice and clean!). And then, a wild thought appeared. “What if I try to install Google Calendar and use its widget instead?”. I was hesitant at first because the stock Google Calendar widget app sucks in Jelly Bean and Kitkat. However, recently, I read that Google updated its design to reflect their “Material” design language. So I told myself, “This could work. I have to try Google Calendar again.”. To be honest, material design of Google calendar was indeed fantastic compared to other Google apps that really suck in my opinion (I’m looking at you Google Play Store!). The design was so good that I wanted to ditch the stock Z3 Compact calendar. However, after trying to add find the Google calendar widget, I noticed that the a birthday calendar event was added into it! I was surprised at first. Did it fix the stock calendar bug? I hurriedly check my widget list and tried to find a “Google Calendar” widget entry again. To my surprise, it didn’t have an entry in the widget list! That is when I realized that the Google Calendar app might have fixed the problem! It may have installed the necessary functionality in order for the birthdays to sync in the stock calendar widget or it may have woken up the stock calendar. Whatever it is, it fixed what I call the birthday bug in the stock Xperia Calendar Widget! Hurrah!

Well, that was for the back story. To summarize:

In short, in order to make the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Stock Calendar Widget to show birthday entries (or any other Sony phone with such bug), just install the Google Calendar app!

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

PS: I don’t really know what will happen if you uninstall the app after the stock calendar widget was fixed since I kept the Google Calendar app installed. πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Make those birthday entries appear in your Sony Xperia Z3 Calendar widget (or any other Sony Stock Calendar widget)!

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  1. Thanks a lot man! I had downloaded Calendar Widget to Xperia Z1C and even with birthdays calendar checked to show, there were no birthdays at all. Installing Google Calendar app fixed that for me as well, kudos to you!!
    And for your information, you did well to keep the Google Calendar installed, all those events went poof once again when I, out of curiosity, tried to uninstall it. πŸ˜€ Hence I’d say that Sony forgot to implement some really important parts into their stock app.


    1. I’m glad the my solution worked in your phone. I guess making Google Calendar as my main calendar and disabling the stock Sony calendar was the best move. Thanks for confirming this. πŸ™‚


  2. Actually, you don’t need Google Calendar app for this. If you have added Google account, just add birthday calendar in stock calendar app. I have checked this recently on Xperia SP Android 4.3


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