Get Free Offline Navigation on Android. Get Here Maps Beta by Nokia!

Here Maps by Nokia.
Here Maps by Nokia.

As we all know, our trusted mapping application for Android does not support full offline navigation (ahem. Google Maps). Coming from the Symbian world, I was shocked when I found this out. Why? It’s because the Symbian platform that so many of fanboys out there hate supports offline maps like since forever! Yes. No need for fancy internet connection. Just get your GPS enabled device and roam the city! Anyway (that leaked out my silent love for Symbian), you are reading this post for one big reason – to get offline maps on your Android-powered device. So without further ado, I introduce to you Here Maps by Nokia!


First of all this application is not found in the Google Playstore. To get this app, you need to head here and download the installer (.apk) (screenshot below).

Here Maps Beta by Nokia
This is the download page.

Also before I forget you need to enable one tiny security setting in your phone. GO to Settings > Security and check “Unknown Sources” (sorry, no screenshots this time). Checking the unknown sources will enable your device to read and install .apk files in your device! Pretty neat right?


So you now have the installer. Now lets install it to the phone!

Again. Remember to enable Unknown Sources in the phone’s Security Settings.

Open the file that you have downloaded by clicking it and it will give you the following screens:

Installing Here Maps by Nokia.
Installing Here Maps by Nokia.

If you have already installed the app in your phone (just like what I did), the screen above will appear. All you have to do in this case is to press the Install button and you will be greeted by the next screen below:

Installing Here Maps
Installing Here Maps by Nokia.

And the screen below will appear after you have successfully installed the app:

Here Maps Installed
Here Maps Installed.

Hurray! Now we can fire app Here Maps and start downloading our maps!

Downloading Offline Maps

Now that we have the main application installed, we can now download offline maps and enjoy free and offline (no data or wifi needed!) navigation! To do that, we have to open the app and swipe from the left of the screen to show the options menu:

Here Maps Options
Here Maps Options Menu

Next, click “Offline Maps”. Take note that you may have to register a Here Maps account (nope. Your Nokia account won’t work here.) in order to continue downloading offline maps.

Download Maps
Download Maps Menu

Click “Download more” and select the map area that you wanted to download.

Map Area Selection
Map Area Selection

Select your map and proceed with download. That’s it! You are ready to use the offline maps! Remember to select “Use app offline” in using Here Maps so that the app won’t use mobile data or wireless connections! Enjoy!


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