Linux Mint XFCE: Hiding Drives and Devices

Sorry for not posting lately. I was lost in the Android world trying to tinker with my Butterfly S. So far I have installed my essentials from the monster Nokia 808 Pureview. performance-wise and battery-wise though, I will still pick the Pureview. Well, enough of that, here is the guide.

Left Sidebar (Thunar File Manager - XFCE)
Left Sidebar (Thunar File Manager – XFCE)

Some people (like me) prefer to dual boot their machines. In dual booting, we have the full access to both partitions of our drive (Windows and Linux) except of course when Windows is on Hibernate mode. Sometimes though, we tend to see other partitions like the OEM partition. If at later part we wanted to restore our machine, we should not want to mess up with the OEM partition so that we could recover it perfectly. Right? So how would you protect it? You can hide it visually in the file manager so that when someone uses your awesome Linux installation, they won’t delete or modify files on them. So here’s how to

do it:

1. Open up Thunar File Manager (built in file manager). You can also do this by just going to a folder on your system.

2. Notice on the left sidebar that you have you drives and devices listed (just like Windows).

3. What we want is to hide some partitions right? In order to do this, we just have to right click the left sidebar and uncheck the partition we want to hide!

And that’s it! Enjoy!


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