Microsoft Lync 2010 on Linux (Linux Mint / Kali Linux / Debian)? Yes it’s possible!

Microsoft Lync 2010I am wondering if someone already did install Microsoft Lync 2010 on their Linux box. Since its one of the most commonly used internal messengers of companies out there, why not give it a shot on Linux?

Well, there is no direct port of Lync to Linux to I have to find some alternative. Since Pidgin (a very capable Linux Messaging App) is pretty much flexible and can almost handle anything (except for Twitter!), I first tried my search in the repositories with Pidgin in mind. Turns out there is a package named:

pidgin-sipe – Pidgin protocol plugin to connect to MS Office Communicator

Seeing that MS Office Communication made my eyes wide open! “This might just really work!”, I said to myself. But enough of that, lets get into business. Here are the steps for running Lync on your Linux machines (I am using Linux Mint XFCE but I think this will work on almost every distro that supports Pidgin)! Pidgin

1. Fire up the terminal and install Pidgin (if you do not have it yet) by typing:

This is for Ubuntu, Linux Mint and probably Debian:

sudo apt-get install pidgin

2. Install the pidgin-sipe plugins for pidgin by typing:

sudo apt-get install pidgin-sipe

3. Open Pidgin and press CTRL + A to add accounts

4. Choose Office Communicator in the protocol name and enter your username, login and password.

5. If all goes well, it will connect with your comapny’s servers and will be ready to go!

Just a note here. It disconnects at a random time (maybe after 2 hours or so). To recover from disconnections, all you have to do is go to Accounts > Enable Account > and you’re good to go!


Using Kali Linux (Debian based), I tried using the voice feature and apparently it works. However whenever I’m using the video call feature, the other end can see me but I could not see him/her.

Enjoy chatting!


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