Installing Dropbox in XFCE (Linux Mint)

DropboxIf you are following this blog for the past few weeks, you will wonder what the heck am I doing in XFCE Linux Mint? Well, I think I might have to make a post for my sudden change of distro but long story short, I wanted Debian Testing (Debian is very stable) but for some reason it comes with Gnome and I tried installing XFCE on it but I failed terribly (Im a friggin’ newb? :v). Maybe in the coming weeks I will install XFCE on Debian or stay here at XFCE Linux Mint or move to Arch Linux altogether (I want an “Install once, update forever” system). But for now, I think I’ll stick with XFCE Linux Mint first.

Enough with that whinning, here is the step by step guide in getting your Dropbox running on your XFCE Desktop Environment:

1. Open your terminal emulator and enter this:

For 32-bit:

cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -

For 64-bit:

cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -

2. Then after it finishes getting the files and extracting the tarball, enter this to run the Dropbox Daemon:


3. Then complete the installation.

4. After the installation completes, head to Session and Startup > Application Autostart and add Dropbox (Name: Dropbox, Description: Anything, Command: home/<insert your username here>/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd)

5. Press okay and hopefully your Dropbox installation will now run smoothly and autostart on boot!

By the way credits to this guide goes to Dropbox itself over here and from UbuntuLook.

Also to make sure everything will be okay, if you find Thunar Dropbox Extension in software manager, install it (suggested by UbuntuLook)!



4 thoughts on “Installing Dropbox in XFCE (Linux Mint)

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  1. I need to find the right place to post this.. but I simply installed Linux Mint 15 with XFCE as the default. I installed vnc4server so I can create remote X sessions.. I’ve narrowed the issue right down to installing dropbox. right after that, trying to run a vncviewer to the box fails to the typical “X” icon and blank screen.. I have a feeling the dropbox install messes with some X libs or something.


  2. If anyone knows how to change the preferences so that selective sync is possible, I would like that info. Seems on Mint 18 xfce I can only access the launcher so no options to limit the folders that sync. Thanx. Will be following blog in case someone posts.


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