A Little Problem with Wallpapers: Linux Mint Debian

I always wanted a customized desktop. Panels here, there and everywhere! However, before I change those settings, I go and look first at my wallpaper. Is it good enough? Forgive me Linux Mint fans but I do not want the default Linux Mint Wallpaper. Its too “grey” for me.

Expecting that I will have a collection of wallpapers to pick up, I decided to change my desktop wallpaper via right clicking the desktop and selecting change desktop background. To my surprise, there is no list of wallpapers to choose from. This forced me (which is fun) to find the default folder where mint is keeping its default wallpapers. Finally, after some digging, I found this folder:


where Linux Mint stores its backgrounds. So how to I add these wallpapers to the change desktop background window? Just click the add button from the change desktop background window and select everything except for the credits. Sit back and watch your desktop come to life with a range of selection of wallpapers! Enjoy!

PS: My Desktop Background

Screenshot from 2013-07-27 12:10:06


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