Ubuntu to Debian: The Switch Decision

A year before, I have read a post that said “Debian is old.”. Today as I Kali Liux (Backtrack based on Debian) more often, I think I want to switch to Debian. So I searched over the Internet to see whether or not Debian is a good OS (I know Ubuntu is based on it but I really want to know what the others have to say). While doing a trigger-happy mouse clicking over the Internet links, I stumbled on a very interesting blog name micah.f.lee.

Here are the reasons why she (I think) decided to move on to Debian from Ubuntu as discussed in her blog:Ubuntu | Debian

  • Unity
  • Ubuntu One
  • Ubuntu wanting the user to buy stuff
  • Selling proprietary software and calling programs as “Apps” (this goes against their “old” manifesto)
  • Search terms was sent to third parties

She’s got a point and I am quite surprised how privacy was not taken very seriously by Ubuntu. I guess I will also switch to Debian now.

Visit her blog to read more about her post on Ubuntu and Debian.


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