“More categories” option is now updated?

Lately, I have been tasked to create an article for a specific topic. Knowing me, I wanted everything to be organized as possible – using styles to automatically generate table of contents and standard design elements. However, since I have been using it too much (Yes, the styles), my eyes are always crying out for help every time I pick and apply a style from the choices presented to me. So in order to keep my eyes from producing bloody tears and calling someone for help, I searched the Internet on how to apply new styles to my document. Of course this took me some time digging in the million pages over the internet and I learned about templates. It’s the one that you can find under:

File > New

I was amazed of the new information that I have found (I rarely go to the File Menu). However, I was bored with the presented number of choices so I tried to click more categories. To my surprise, Microsoft Word presented me with this page:

Turns out the "More Categories" option is now updated!
Turns out the “More Categories” option is now updated!

Yes. You’re reading it right. Turns out the “More Categories” option is now updated. Good job Microsoft!

So next time you click a “More Categories” link, button, or dropdown choice, be ready!


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