As Google Reader winds down, Feedly just keeps growing

Yes of course. Google killed the beast that is Google Reader. Now I wonder, why did they do that?
Lets look on the bright side though. With Google Reader gone, more and more feed aggregator startups are sprouting everywhere!


Monday marked the last day of Google (s goog) Reader, prompting RSS heads hanging on until the end to think about alternatives. While there is a raft of options, Feedly has brought on millions of new users since Google said it would close Reader in March, and it continues to take on more users and information sources while keeping hiccups to a minimum.

Some companies that are already in or are getting into the RSS game — AOL, (s aol) Digg, LinkedIn (s lnkd) — can throw big teams and perhaps their own hardware infrastructure at the challenge of producing a service worthy of taking on users accustomed to the Google experience. But Feedly has been doing this, supporting upward of 12 million users and around 32 million feeds, with fewer than 20 people on staff, said the company’s CEO, Edwin Khodabakchian.

The company has been switching users over…

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