Backup Your Windows 8 License

If you’re like me that constantly experiments with the computer (installs stuffs, removes them and installs other stuffs), there would be a point wherein those programs that you have installed and played on with will give your computer a slower feel. Maybe it is due to some left over garbage that the uninstaller failed to clean up. Even though if we say that the uninstaller works perfectly, there would be a point in time where you will have to reformat or reset your computer. Of course this means that you will lose your license + data on the computer (if you bought a copy of the retail DVD and installed Windows 8 in an aging laptop like mine. [I got a Toshiba Satellite M300. Its original OS was Windows Vista].) Of course some of our reader out there will say “why not use the built in back up / reset tool in Windows 8?”. I admit its better to use that. However in my case, I don’t have the luxury of making an image of my Windows 8 installation in my hard drive. Just so you know, here is my disk details:


See. No more space. That 5GB is pretty much essential to me since I am trying to make my mind in installing Visual Studio on it or other programs like Vegas Pro or a game like Rise of Nations or Empire Earth.

So my only option in case something broke in my machine is to get a reformat so that Windows 8 will be installed fresh without the updates and other leftover stuffs from other programs. Well of course, I will lose its license. However, after researching, I found out that you could actually back up your license. Well, I did not try the method since I am scared of reformatting my device since I already installed a bunch of applications on it:


So how do you back up your Windows 8 license?

Its easy. First fire up the computer. Then press:

Windows Key + E

This will open My Computer. Then head to:


There you will find 3 folders:


All you have to do is:

Copy the store folder

Then after reformatting your machine, you can just head to:


and paste there your store folder replacing everything as you go.

Well, that’s about it. Some says it works. However, I myself could not confirm this since I don’t have a separate test machine. If it happens that this method works for you, please comment so that I can add it on this post as a reader verification that this method actually works.

Oh. By the way, I learned this method from a forum. It weird though. I could not remember the name but I think its pretty much easy to search.


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