Windows 8: I don’t want my Computer to Auto-Restart after an update is installed!

Picture this, you are surfing the internet (probably researching some stuff) and have multiple tabs open in your favorite browser. During the course of the night, you fell the fatigue creeping in and the last thing that you do is sleep with the computer on. Then after a long deep slumber, you fired up the computer expecting that all your tabs are there – all unaltered and in one place; but to your surprise, your computer suddenly rebooted itself without you asking due to an update from Microsoft losing all your work. That sucks right?

However do not be turned down. After searching for some answers, I have found out that there is a way to stop your computer from rebooting itself. According to Superuser user Louis (pretty much redundant right?) , you can turn this off. All you have to do is edit the local policy of your computer.

So how do you do this on Windows (I’m using Windows 8)?

First, you have to go to Local Group Policy Editor.

On the start screen type: Policy and select Settings then click Edit Group Policy and this screen will appear:


Then, click Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Windows Update.


Then, on the right side, double click No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic update installations. Click Enabled and click ok.


This will stop your computer from automatically restarting itself after an update. I’m going to test this if this actually works since I have a pending reboot 1 day from now. Hope it works!


6 thoughts on “Windows 8: I don’t want my Computer to Auto-Restart after an update is installed!

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  1. I’m not sure why you would want to stop it from auto-updating. In other versions of Windows, it either nagged you to death or you had no choice but to do it. In Windows 8 it gives you two days to save everything and re-boot. It provides a message on your lock screen beforehand as well to give you a warning.
    The updates won’t complete installation unless you reboot. In two days time I should think you’d be able to find time to re-boot.
    Still I must say if someone really wants to stop it, you have provided a helpful piece of information.


    1. I usually use a broadband stick when I’m online and I always leave the computer open for like a week or so because I want to leave my Instant Messenger line always open. Besides, I want to resume to my work fast and easy (without the sleep functionality because sometimes people tend to remove the power cord from its socket [I don’t use a battery when the laptop is hooked to a socket]). In my case, I would just reboot the machine after a week or so to install those updates (even if there is a patch Tuesday, I still don’t want auto-reboot of my machine).

      Yes. They won’t complete but I won’t also lose my work specially when the internet suddenly deactivates (I will still have my tabs preserved).

      Anyway, thanks for making a comment. An oh btw, try Skyrim (I read your Fable 2 and 3 related post). Its just like Fable but better!


    2. You’re “not sure why”? How about because not all of us are glued to the g*d damned screen 24×7, and to force a restart, without “saving state” is just f*cking stupid and not well thought out by the developers. Some of us use windows 8+ machines as headless servers for small networks (yeah, yeah, yeah – I deserve it…) and don’t see the screen…. Just push down their throats – huh microshaft?


  2. I hate the restarts that windows 8 pushes. I opened my laptop just now, from “Sleep” status, and it gives me the kind message “You have 14 minutes 59 seconds before your computer restarts”. Apparently, I’m not given the option to delay the restart for another 6 hours. Windows seems to know better than I what’s good for me.

    I’ve also had occasions where an update has been installed while the computer is in “Sleep”, and when I start it up, the first thing it tells me is “I’m ging to restart now!” and then I just have to sit there, watching it turn itself off and on again… Couldn’t he do that while he was “asleep”?

    No, I really don’t like the way computers treat their users like infantile idiots nowadays.


  3. Arrrrgggg Windows, I hate you! You want to restart? yea, do you? RIGHT NOW? when I have a project due in 30min? How bout I throw you out the window and see if you can restart after you are smashed to hundreds of pieces.


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