One Pokémon Episode: Too Many People in the Hospital!

As I was reading my twitter feed, I noticed a tweet by @factbook:

So I read the comments and a user posted to Google:

Porygon Seizure Episode

I Googled the Episode and it turns out its true. The episode was only aired on Japan and more than 600 viewers were rushed to the hospital. I found a clip of one part that gave people seizures. A warning thou, IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, DO NOT WATCH THIS. THIS CLIP COULD GIVE YOU SEIZURES AND BE RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL. IF YOU FELL FUNNY WHILE WATCHING IT, GET AWAYS FROM THE SCREEN OR TURN OFF THE SCREEN!

I am not liable to any medical injury that you will encounter. You have been warned.

Here is the clip:

Porygon Seizure Episode

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