No sir, you cannot unassociate that!


Windows 8 File Association Window

Window 8 File Association Window


While I was tinkering with my Ragnarok Online installation folder (It sounds kind of childish but yes, I am addicted to this game and their cute sprites.) to make it run with Windows 8, I accidentally associated a file (.lub) with notepad. Since I hate programs associating themselves to files that they don’t really open, I tried to unassociate it. In Windows 7, life was easy. You just have to use a program called “Unassociate” created by a Microsoft MVP. However, even though Microsoft stated that Windows 8 will have backwards compatibility with Windows 7 programs, this tiny utility won’t work on Windows 8 so in turn I pumped up my Nightly (by Firefox) browser and searched the internet for answers. Fortunately, someone over the planet has the same problem as I do. So here is what other people suggested in removing file associations in Windows 8:


Quoted from E-Jagg of Microsoft TechNet

Command Prompt!


If you don’t know how to get to the command prompt, follow this:


Type the keys: [Win] + “R”, which brings up the Run window.


Type the keys: “cmd”, then type [enter]


You should be looking at that little black box now. Now if you need some help type in these words:


C:> help assoc


My particular problem was this: I was looking at C:\windows\prefetch, and all of the files were *.pf, and I accidentally associated all of my prefetch files with a program.


To undo the association:

assoc .pf = “”

now my *.pf files will associate with NO file


To test what your computer uses to open *doc files type, at the prompt:


C:> assoc .doc


The display states: Word.Document.8 opens your doc files.


So that is what he did. I used it but unfortunately It did not work yet. Maybe my machine needs restarting. I haven’t restarted this one since 2 weeks ago and I am not planning to restart it yet. If some good soul out there tried this method and it worked, kindly comment and I will credit you in this post. Thanks!  Smile


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