Windows 8, can I try you?

Windows 8 ModernUII have recently installed on my machine Windows 8. For now I am fiddling with its metro interface and app whoring at the same time. There is not much in the store place but you can get what you need. I find my time hanging in a app review page and posting useful reviews there since I think there is no one who has the sane mind to post review there. Literally, the app review page of almost every app on the market is a ghost town.


I wont post any rants or wonderful experience yet but make sure to check back to sometime to read what I have found to be good or stingy on Windows 8.


To compensate with my very shot post, let me include a Youtube video below. I haven’t seen this one yet but I have a feeling that this is a good video. It has 800k views already.



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