All Time Low: Don’t Panic

Time has passed and another album was made. I was a little late on this one. However, its not yet the end of 2012 so I think it is still safe to post this one.


For those of you who don’t know yet, the band All Time Low, has released another full pledge album named “Don’t Panic”. Songs were pretty catchy on this one and I must admit, the only song that did not make it for me was the song So Long Soldier (if I am recalling it right). However, you guys might have the feeling that something is really different on this album. Don’t worry, its pretty normal. To be honest. I myself compared this to their other albums. At first I did not like the songs on this one. However, as I listened to it bit by bit, the melody made it through my mind and in a short time, their new songs became one my favorites.


Here is the track listing for this album (pulled from Wikipedia):


courtesy of Wikipedia


And some videos pulled off from Youtube:


The only official video I could find in the album Don’t Panic


Sorry, I only found one video but hey. I’m gonna update this blog so be sure to check this post again on a later date.


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