Give Me Some Freaking Space! Clean Up Windows!


Downloads here. Downloads there. Sometime we get to a point where we download everything. From YouTube videos to documents and music from the cloud. Of course that is not a bad thing if you have unlimited hard disk space. But if you like me which doesn’t have that kind of luxury, you can follow these steps to give your Windows a space for your files.

1. Always. Again. ALWAYS clean your trash can! – Files on your trash bin, recycle bin or whatever you call it are in essence still on your computer. Notice that when you delete files from your computer, it doesn’t automatically free space on your disk. Right? Well, that’s because its in the bin. Of course ,we need to empty it to get rid of the files permanently. Just right-click the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop then select “empty recycle bin“.

2. Clean up other useless files like cookie and others. Windows have a built in clean up manager since XP (I guess). To access it just go to Computer > Right Click the drive you want to clean > Choose Properties > Disk Cleanup. Then a window will appear which will give you a wide selection of files to be deleted. Don’t worry, everything there got its own description and everything there is safe to delete.

Disk Properties
Disk Properties
Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup

3. Install Ccleaner for a cleaner PC. The built in Windows Cleaner performs good but if you want more options and a better cleaner, I recommend Ccleaner. Its a good piece of utility software that does all the cleaning for you. It cleans useless files used by programs like Adobe, Chrome, Firefox and others. Its free and its safe to use. Download it here.


Well, that is for now. Hope everyone find this post useful! Cheers!


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