30 Seconds to Mars

It’s not like I’m hanging out at shopping malls or going to celebrity golf tournaments. I’m so in my own little world. I got my dog, my music, my brother, a couple of friends.

– Jared Leto

If you really want strong and hypnotic song (without the very hard screaming), 30 Seconds to Mars is a band that you will really like. The band features a very unique arrangement for songs which is pretty much catchy up to the end.

30 Seconds to Mars is an American rock band which was formed in 1998. Its a band composed of Jared Leto (Guitar and Vocals) – also an actor, Shannon Leto (Drums) – brother of Jared Leto, and Tomo Milicevic (Lead Guitar and Keyboards).

30 Seconds To Mars

  • 30 Seconds To Mars (2002)
    • Track Listing:
      • Capricorn (A Brand New Name)
      • Edge of the Earth
      • Fallen
      • Oblivion
      • Buddha for Mary
      • Echelon
      • Welcome to the Universe
      • The Mission
      • End of the Beginning
      • 93 Million Miles
      • Year Zero
      • The Struggle
    • Singles:
      • Capricorn (A Brand New Name)
  • A Beautiful Lie(2005)
    • Track Listing:
      • Attack
      • A Beautiful Lie
      • The Kill
      • Was It a Dream?
      • The Fantasy
      • From Yesterday
      • The Story
      • R-Evolve
      • A Modern Myth
    • Singles:
      • Attack
      • The Kill
      • From Yesterday
      • A Beautiful Lie
  • This Is War (2009)
    • Track List:
      • Escape
      • Night of the Hunter
      • Kings and Queens
      • This Is War
      • 100 Suns
      • Hurricane
      • Closer to the Edge
      • Vox Populi
      • Search and Destroy
      • Alibi
      • Stranger in a Strange Land
      • L490 (Equinox)
      • This is War
    • Singles:
      • Kings and Queens
      • This is War


Album: 30 Seconds To Mars (2002)

Capricorn (A Brand New Name)

Edge of the Earth

Album: A Beautiful Lie(2005)


Attack (Live)
They are amazing in live.

A Beautiful Lie

A Beautiful Lie (Live)
Another good live performance.

The Kill

The Kill (Live)

From Yesterday
A great vid.

This Is War (2009)

Kings and Queens

Band Members:

  • Jared Leto – lead vocals, rhytm guitar
  • Shannon Leto – drums, percussion
  • Tomo Milicevic – lead guitar, violin, keyboards

Other Info:



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