Moving to a new place? No, I’m back to where I started.

Hi there dear visitor! I am now going to write on Your Typical Guide from now on. This blog will still get updates but will be far less often. I will still try to continue the Kali Tools writing series but future posts (including those for the Granny Tech series) will be on the Your... Continue Reading →

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Definition of terms

Confused in some of the terms that I use? Well then, read this one.

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Granny Tech: What is a browser tab?

What are browser tabs exactly? In today's Granny Tech series post, we explore them!

Kali Linux Day 3: Information Gathering tool: dnsenum

What is dnsenum? dnsenum is a tool that helps you automate information gathering on a specific target using Domain Name System (DNS) queries (and some Google search results scraping). What are the features of dnsenum? Keeping everything simple and understandable,┬ádnsenum can do the following: Get information regarding a specific domain It could be domain addresses... Continue Reading →

I clipped my hand in between 2 objects and there’s a very small pool of blood under the skin. Should I leave it or poke a hole so it drains?

ThirdMostAverage Leave it alone. Opening the skin will increase the chance of infection. her_ladyships_soap Leave it alone. Protect the skin from getting punctured by putting a bandage over it; it will heal on its own. source

Do Japanese call the wealthy something other than “millionaires” and “billionaires” (1100 yen = 10 dollars)

tibby_throwaway Japanese counting is a bit different than English counting. We have words for hundred, thousand, million, billion, etc. In that order. To express points in between, we'll say things like "ten thousand", "four million", etc. Japanese also has words for ten (ju), hundred (hyaku) and thousand (sen), but they also have a unique word... Continue Reading →

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